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Basics Feng Shui. Organs on Face Forehead. Basics Face Shapes. Home Chinese Horoscope Horse Born in: Weekly. Note: The horoscope prediction is for people born between January 21, and February 08, If you were born before January 21, , your Chinese zodiac sign is Snake. Overview You Horse people of will be averagely blessed in At the age of 53, you are moving from middle age to old age. During the period, you will suffer from anxiety and even insomnia, leading to lassitude in the daytime.

Don't worry too much about the changes. Just relax and continue to live your life passionately.

January 2020 Astrology Predictions – Part One

In the year, you are suggested to do more health-preserving exercise and listen to your favorite music frequently. Wealth For Horses of , this year is not a good year for wealth and you need to avoid the unnecessary property losses. The conservative advice will be no overinvestment which is profitable yet quite risky, so think twice about the pros and cons. Give priority to wealth preservation this year and keep an eye on the massive consumption.

Perhaps many friends will come over to borrow from you. In this case, you are suggested to take the repaying capability and credit into account. Career The luck for career will be below average.

January Birthdays - Good, Bad And Ugly - Best Said In Images

At work, you may encounter many conflicts and troubles preventing you from finishing your work soundly, because the state of mind is also an important factor of career development. Some of you could fall in love this year, or existing relationships are enhanced. Adventure-seeking is a theme.

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Personal magnetism is tremendous this year. You are playfully competitive and might win a major competition, if applicable. This is a good period for creative projects and joining with others in pursuing a common goal. There may be a project, idea, or person that demands much of your attention or occupies much of your thoughts. You are especially resourceful. At the same time, you are opening up to new ways of thinking and your ability to tune into your imagination is wonderful now.

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  • You are more sensitive artistically, your imagination is stirred, and you have an increased appreciation for subtleties. You are inspired and could even inspire others with your words. Some of your hunches could be prophetic. At times, circumstances seem to block your efforts to assert yourself, and you might feel like more effort than usual is required to complete tasks, which could lead to some frustration.

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    Patience is necessary because progress may not always be steady, and energy can be stop-and-go. Your faith in your ability to produce and to win takes you places you perhaps never imagined. The year ahead is particularly strong for personal appeal and magnetism.

    January 21 Birthday Horoscope

    This is a powerful time for connecting with others and sharing common goals and pleasures. You are both inspired and responsible at this time in your life. Some areas of life are growing exponentially, while certain areas require hunkering down and can involve stop-and-go energy.

    Ruled by Neptune. This is a year of preparation, chance, and refinement. It is not a time of dramatic changes. Instead, it's a year when reflection on the past is helpful, and when refinements to your life path should be made. It's a good year to study and analyze. Unexpected twists to your life story and "chance" meetings are probable.

    2020 Gemini Zodiac Horoscope

    Advice - take stock of your life in order to prepare for more exciting years to come, examine the past and plan for the future, get in touch with your deepest needs and uncover your personal power, don't strain yourself or actively try to expand. They are not always able to live their dreams, though, as a foreign force will most likely interfere with it, one they are not able to influence. Their abilities and life position make them ideal to be a manager or leader of associations or even society. They act incredibly fast and go straight towards their goal.

    They are also gifted with ability to concentrate, but they can still be far from achieving their goals and satisfying their ambition. Their mind, although very clever, has tendencies for pessimism and looking for bad sides in everything. Their flaws — lack of faith in themselves and egoism. They sometimes talk too much, exaggerating their cares and troubles. They are not quick to explode with anger. But when their rights or business are disrupted, they react passionately and can fierce in their threats.